Director’s leap of faith raises more than a smile

October 8th 2022, Nev Bihal celebrated his 50th Birthday by skydiving from over 13,000ft over the iconic Palm Jumeirah Island in Dubai, testing his nerve, fear of heights and pushing the adrenaline factor.

This is what Nev did to help us, –  but he’s nuts.

Director’s leap of faith raises more than a smile

Tactical Trading Director, Nev Bihal, has raised £9,000 for the Every Well Water Foundation by leaping out of a plane at 13,000 feet.

Nev, who is terrified of heights and literally shakes if he climbs a ladder, managed to conquer his fear to complete the skydive, along with his 18-year-old son, in Dubai.


The fundraising stunt marked Nev’s fiftieth birthday. Now, spurred on by his achievement, Nev has pledged to undertake a personal challenge every year to raise vital funds for his brother’s charity.

He explained: “I was terrified at the thought of doing the skydive but having my son with me in the plane, and my wife and daughter cheering me on, allowed me to dig deep and overcome my fear.

“We were in Dubai for my birthday, and jumping out of the plane over the Palm Islands was spectacular and exhilarating. It is certainly something I would consider doing again.

However, I now have a plan to challenge myself in a different way.

“Overcoming my fear was a test of my mental resilience. This year, for my 51st birthday, I intend to run a marathon, which will be a test of my stamina.

“I plan to do a personal challenge each year from now on to raise funds and push myself that little bit further.”