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Calcutta Rescue has established filtration units in 12 villages in Malda, where thousands of people are slowly dying from arsenic poisoning, and is seeking multi-year financial support to run this vital programme as well as funding to install solar panels on the units.

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Safe Drinking Water for 12 Villages with Groundwater Arsenic

Thousands of people in Malda district, near the border with Bangladesh, will be protected from a slow, painful deathfrom arsenic poisoning thanks to the support of charity Every Well Water Foundation (EWWF). The UK-based charity is providing funding to run filters on wells in 12 villages for the next three years.

Nine districts in West Bengal have groundwater containing arsenic above the maximum permissible level determined by the World Health Organisation. Chronic arsenic poisoning affects millions of people in the region. Symptoms include weakness, appetite and weight loss, anaemia, and damage to the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Overtime many will go on to develop cancer of the skin, lungs, liver and bladder

On World Water Day in March we brought you the story of Swyma, who lives in Malda district,West Bengal. She suffers from the long-term effects of arsenic poisoning because her village’s drinking water is contaminated.

Swyma’s family and community, as well thousands of other people nearby, will be protected from the same fate thanks to the support of UK-based charity ​Every Well Water Foundation (EWWF).

EWWF is providing 3 years of funding for filters on wells that we manage in 12 villages across Malda, near the border with Bangladesh. Altogether these wells provide safe drinking water for around 9,000 people.