Lehmans Drift SP School

We have worked with Lawrence’s Roundabout on a project in South Africa which benefits 201 people and this is a little bit more about it.

Lehman’s Drift – It has 201 pupils. Previously the school relied on rainwater only, and the children would be asked to bring water into school as well.  Obviously in South Africa rainwater is largely unreliable most of the time, and by the time it has worked its way through the guttering, not necessarily the healthiest water.The electric pump had been broken for a number of years, but even when it was working the school struggled to pay the electricity bill each month. In addition the electricity supply is unreliable.

Lawrence’s Roundabout Well Appeal was set up in 2006 by Virginia Prifti, after the death of her young son, Lawrence. The charity buys water pumps which are powered by children’s roundabouts and installed in schools in rural South Africa. Usually the roundabout pump is the only source of water available, and is used for drinking, cooking, cleaning and quite often, growing vegetables.

Since 2006 Virginia has raised over £1.2M which is enough to install 177 roundabout water pumps. Funds raised are sent to a charity called Roundabout Outdoor which is based in Johannesburg, which find sites, tests the water from the boreholes and installs the pumps.


In a warming world, water poverty is an ever increasing problem. Every donation to Every Well is appreciated and goes straight to specific projects in places of most need.

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