Deep Borewell fitted with electrical motor and installation of 2000 litres water tank

We have worked with RCLWA on a project in India which benefits 764 people.

“I am Stella Mary age 22 years W/O Mr. Madhankumar of Kadirvedu village. Immensly pleased to thank RCLWA, and Every Well Water Foundation, UK., for sponsoring a deep Borewell fitted with an electrical motor and a 2000 Liters Overhead Tank to our Kadirvedu Village.”

“It is my great joy to express my gratitude on behalf of my people from our village. We used to dream for a better water source and until this new project came to our village. Now our dreams have come true and we are able to make use of the water for our domestic purposes and especially the children are very happy to see the water in their houses. we are able to get the water very near and our time and energy has been considerably saved.”


“We thank RCLWA for making a visit to our village and also recommending our village for the new water project. Our sincere thanks to EVERY WELL WATER FOUNDATION, UK., and we shall make use of the water source and also follow safer drinking methods.”


Warm wishes from Kadirvedu Villagers.

In a warming world, water poverty is an ever increasing problem. Every donation to Every Well is appreciated and goes straight to specific projects in places of most need.

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