Dakshineswar Slum, North Kalkata

We have worked with Calcutta Rescue on a project in India which benefits many people and this is a little bit more about it.

Dakshineswar is a very marginalised urban slum community of around 800 people in Kolkata which, until recently, had no access to toilets, clean drinking water or hand-washing facilities.
In 2021 Everywell funded a project by Calcutta Rescue which installed six handwashing stations in the slum, plus a tank to provide water for the washing stations.

In addition Everywell funded the provision of soap and a health awareness programme which taught the community about the importance of sanitation and hand-washing and how to do it effectively.
The handwashing stations are playing an important part in reducing the burden of disease in the community which is, in turn, reducing the number of days they have to spend away from work or school and so contributing greatly to their overall well-being.


In a warming world, water poverty is an ever increasing problem.

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