Bamba 2

We have worked with Village Water on a project in Mozambique which benefits 377 people and this is a little bit more about it.

H&S training clearly works! As with the previous villages, every single household in Bamba 2 built their own private toilet & hand-washing facilities. The sessions demonstrate the importance of good hygiene practice is & most communities we speak to sayhow, once they see their health improving, there’s a stronger desire to maintain & use their facilities. Rates of waterborne diseases dropped by 77%.

Previously the community collected water from a deep hole in the ground, not only dirty, but dangerous & frequently drying up. After a geophysical survey wells are drilled deep into the ground to mitigate changing water levels caused by climate change.


22-year-old Twaona, piuctued using the pump, told us, “the distance to getting water has reduced & we have access to clean water – the children are very happy. They’re able to reach school in time with clean bodies & clothes and we are able to get water free from germs”.


In a warming world, water poverty is an ever increasing problem.

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