Bagbazar Slum, Kolkata

We have worked with Calcutta Rescue on a project in India which benefits 7,000 people and this is a little bit more about it.

Thousands of people in Bagbazar slum can now access toilets and bathing areas.

Ten toilets, two of them with western-style seats have been built in the slum, along with two bathing areas for women and a large communal bathing area for men.

The facilities were officially opened on October 25 2022 to the delight of the 2,200 people living in the slum who, until now, had to share just eight toilets.

Having purpose built bathing areas is also a big improvement, especially for women.

One of them, Manjira (name changed), said: “Before we used to have to makeshift toilets near our home. But last year our bustee area caught fire. Our homes burned down and we are living at a different location in shacks made of plastic sheets.
“We used to use a ‘Pay & Use’ toilet nearby. But paying to use the toilets every day was really an extra burden for us. And young girls would just bathe in the tap water placed in street ways.

“But now, Calcutta Rescue has built toilets and covered bathing areas for women and also for men. I am really happy that I can use it whenever I need to without any hassle.”

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