Amélia, 18

We have worked with Village Water on a project in Mozambique which benefits 388 people and this is a little bit more about it.

We used to walk long distances but now, we have a borehole that is working.”

In 2021, we planned (and completed!) 200 water points in Manica Province, Mozambique. Across all these communities we found diarrhoea and eye infections dropped by 100%, skin infections by 98% and girls’ school absenteeism reduced by 83%.


Community members at 16 de Junho Mussaifo take part in sociallydistanced hygiene training As part of our participatory hygiene and sanitation training, a small survey of sampled households is interviewed to collect data for comparison, and to evidence longterm health improvements.

In a warming world, water poverty is an ever increasing problem.

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