Our aim is foreveryone to haveaccess to clean water.
Our Aim is foreveryone to haveaccess to clean water.
Creatinghappy healthycommunities with the gift ofclean water

Clean water changes lives and livelihoods


Our projects have transformed lives and communities across Africa and Asia, opening up new possibilities and giving families futures they never thought possible.

We have one clear mission, to help end the water crisis affecting millions of people across the globe.

You can help too.


Building a well for a remote community can be life-changing and lifesaving. Imagine the difference it can make not drinking contaminated water and not having to walk miles a day to collect supplies.

Having water for hygiene, sanitation, crops, and use in the home should not be a luxury.

Together we can make a difference.


Our projects rely on the skills of local charity partners on the ground who make our ambitions a reality. With their technical expertise and our funding, the world is becoming a healthier and happier place.

Let’s continue the good work.

Ways you can help


Donate /fundraise

Money is at the heart of everything we do. Adopt us as your chosen charity, organise fundraising activities and/or stimulate donations. Together we can make clean water readily available for more communities.

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Become an ambassador

If you would like more recognition for your fundraising efforts opt to be an ambassador for your own project. You will have the satisfaction of providing much-needed water to a village and the kudos of having your company logo on your own well. This is great PR and evidence of your CSR activities. Your employees and your customers will love you for it.

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Get eyes on our message

Publicity drives change. The more people that know about our work, the more people we can help. Share, like and comment on our social media posts, subscribe to our newsletter and put our name in front of your audience. Visibility helps us grow.
Who do you know that can help to spread the word?